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    punch-card reacted to NOTMY911 in 11/30/20 - New SYNC 3 update available (SYNC v3.0.20204). Updated.   
    $hit, that was the before picture...  As mentioned above, here what you should see if the if the updated is successful.

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    punch-card reacted to Gadgetjq in Sync 4 coming   
    I suspect there's going to be some hiding and watching on the part of potential Ford buyers.  I'd wonder just how much data is being stored and accessed every time the vehicle hits the road.  Do I need another $50 a month data plan just so my entertainment/navigation system will function?    Then again, I'm one of those (fading in numbers) who likes to have his music collection saved on a local system (phone, mp3 player, USB drive) rather than entrusting a carefully curated list involving thousands of songs (and their embedded data) to a remote server. 
    I embrace useful tech (Alexa provides me with news/entertainment and keeps track of everything from locks to lighting in literally every room) but relying on Internet access while on the road might be a stretch.  We'll see.
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    punch-card reacted to Gadgetjq in New Version of Android Auto Now Works With Sync3   
    This is a huge improvement over the original AA app.
    If you have an Android phone and Android Auto loaded you'll have to go to the app's 'Settings' and toggle the first item.

    In your Sync3 system turn on Android Auto. Plug your phone into the center console USB port and you'll be good to go! Note, the 'new' display only shows up on the vehicle screen. All AA compatible apps you have on your phone will show up as icons on the main screen. When an app is running it appears on a bar across the bottom of the screen.




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    punch-card reacted to Mike 2018 in Samsung phone disconnects from sync 3   
    Thanks, it must have been a glitch in the phone. Started working like advertised couple hours after I posted my question.
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    punch-card reacted to ben senise in What phone should I get for android auto?   
    i've always stuck with google's phones since they run pure android and get updates as soon as they're out. i now have a pixel 2 xl and it is great on my '16 edge. i had some troubles but they turned out to be the cable.
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    punch-card reacted to NCEcoBoost in Sync3 v2.0 -> v3.0 USB Difficulties (solved)   
    You probably rushed the process. Just because Sync3 says it has updated, it's just beginning the process. If you didn't sit in the car waiting for at least 30 minutes, it wasn't done. Mine rebooted twice during the process and it took more like 40 minutes (I know, a royal pain). My suggestion is to start all over again. Sorry.
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    punch-card got a reaction from JPMUN in Who provides the SYNC 3 Navigation and how would one report errors   
    I think what Pinebear is talking about is the Map data is out of date, which is not surprising. Most manufactures are 2 - 3 years behind current map data. So here is my understanding,most mapping data is generated by a mapping companies, then the company that makes the Navigation software buys the data from the mapping company and coverts the data to match the format for their software, then probably the auto manufacture buys the latest update to install in there product line. So as I have experienced every built in automotive navigation software I have used since 2006 has always been out of date, even when I purchased map updates, the maps were still a couple of years old.
    Where as you look at something like google maps or WAZE, they are all cloud based, so not only do they see when a "new road" opens and people start driving on it. But they are also probably getting feeds from the mapping company on a regular basis (monthly?weekly?).
    To me it is just one of those down sides of built in Navigation software.
    I have also read that this is why many manufactures are dragging their feet on getting Android Auto/CarPlay working because they are afraid that drivers will use the navigation on there phone instead of the built in navigation....
    As to answer Pinebear original question, I guess you could complain to Ford, but truthfully I think that would be like pushing a rope uphill...
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    punch-card reacted to ShelbyGT350 in Sync 3, factory installed 2.0 to 2.3, 2017 Edge   
    just do it from home, dealerships arent trained well enough to to do this updating stuff
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    punch-card got a reaction from timmerfl1 in Waze is now available for Android Auto   
    Good news for Waze users, it is now available for Android Auto.
    I have been using the beta version for about a month and really enjoyed it as compared to Google maps.
    I know sprint and verizon have it available, look for version
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    punch-card got a reaction from RetirEd in Sync 3 update   
    One note on V3.0, by the school of hard knocks, the official V2.3 will not downgrade from V3.0. The update knows you have a newer version. Be yea advised
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    punch-card reacted to asteele in Save Current Location?   
    Hi, you can save the current location by doing the following
    In navigation view, tap the screen in the centre - which is where you currently are.
    Press START
    Press SAVE
    Scroll the favourites list down to the bottom, where you will see the new entry - click on it - then press EDIT
    You can now change the description, icon etc
    I hope that helps!
    Maybe a future software release will make that sequence a bit easier ...not that I have seen a signal clue as to what could be coming in a future software version and when. I am hoping soon for loads of new features including the ability to sort favourites and see destination ETA information in the home screen
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    punch-card reacted to mynameisjoseph in Sync 3 update   
    Thanks, I wish they could seperate the updates, If AA doesn't require anything other than an OTA software update, why should we have to wait for IOS users?
    The Sync3 seems so limited with available apps, but Android Auto will open more apps - especially those of us who didnt get NAV in our vehicles. I need my instant gratification!
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    punch-card got a reaction from mikerrt in Media format to play songs   
    you can definitely use mp3, mp4 are for video and do not work. I think *.wav works but have never tested them.
    The thumb drive "FAT" or "FAT32" formatted? Did you format your data apple product?
    There may also be limits on types of mp3, as in the compression level or codec?
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    punch-card reacted to ben senise in Adding navigation to Sync 3   
    If your sync 3 gets updated with Android auto, you should probably be able to use Google maps on the big screen. That's what I'm waiting for.
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    punch-card got a reaction from timmerfl1 in Point of Interest   
    To my knowledge and experience there is no way to enter POI/favorites/... in an automated way. These would have to be entered in one by one. But I will also admit this is only from my experience, not necessarily technical knowledge of the device.
    IMO, the only way to accomplish this type of task would be to use an smartphone app when Android Auto/Apple Carplay come available over the next year in Sync 3 devices. Maybe there is a way to export your TomTom data to a smartphone app that will be Android Auto/Apple Carplay enabled.
    IMO, Waze (pronounced ways) https://www.waze.com/ is the perfect answer to the task of finding accidents/traffic jams/speeding traps/etc, and it is all free and user contributed updated almost instantly. But right now Waze does not support Android Auto (don't know about apple), hopefully in the future. It is not an answer for a TomTom, but I hope that sheds some light.
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    punch-card got a reaction from timmerfl1 in Allert Volume of Speed Cameras   
    My choice is "WAZE", which is constantly update by community input.
    Any built-in system like Sync3 Navigation, are out-of-date by the time the system hits the market, just check the Nav maps.
    But WAZE is not a radar detector, but WAZE does display road conditions and hazards (include police) as reported by the user community.
    The down side, you have to have a smart phone with a reasonable data plan, you have to have reasonable coverage, and it sounds like WAZE will be integrated into Android Auto, my guess is it may not get integrated into CarPlay.
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    punch-card reacted to ShelbyGT350 in How to reset Sync 3 SiriusXM?   
    When my car was on trial subscription, I used to be able to see weather, live traffic etc, but as soon as I called and created an account, those features disappeared so I phoned SiriusXM where they told me my subscription included live traffic and that it doesnt need a refresh of signal on their end, its the car I need to take to the dealership. Ford showed me this and im wondering if anyone did the following before, and the big question is, should I let ford attempt, or wait it out for another solution?

    2016 Various Ford And Lincoln Vehicles Equipped With SYNC 3 And Navigation - Sirius Travel Link Fuel Prices Do Not Display On The SYNC 3 Screen

    Some 2016 Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 and Navigation along with a valid paid subscription to Sirius Travel Link may not display Sirius Travel Link fuel prices. Replacing components will not resolve the condition and is not recommended at this time. Engineering is currently investigating. In the interim, the following steps will reset the system. Position the vehicle outdoors in open sky. Disconnect the battery for 5 minutes. Reconnect the battery and start the vehicle. Select Sirius Travel Link then Fuel Prices. Fuel price information may not display for up to 15 minutes while the system is updating.

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    punch-card reacted to Gecko911 in New to SYNC3 - Some Fundamental Issues   
    Obviously, each manufacturer has their own approach to a touchscreen controlled climate / infotainment / navigation system. My wife and I tried out many SUVs before choosing a 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve for her. Ford's approach to their system (SYNC3 in our case) is one of the things that stood out in comparison to some other manufacturers. Ford has done a good job at making the most commonly used control feature easy to access. And even for uncommonly used items, nothing is buried too deep in menus that you can't find it. Also, at least in the Lincoln MKX, Ford has left enough physical buttons on the dash so that you don't have to use the touchscreen for everything. Having some physical buttons was a major selling feature for us.
    Before the MKX, our last new car was in 2005; so this is our only car with a touchscreen system. As I said, Ford has done a good job, but there are a few seemingly fundamental items which need to be addressed. As we have only owned our MKX for 2 weeks now, I feel like these are fundamental items which most will encounter:
    1) Navigation Voice Prompt Volume -
    The default voice prompt volume is way too loud, and even once adjusted to a reasonable level, SYNC3 returns to the default "yelling" volume when it wants to. There are two things that need to change: i) the navigation system needs to mute the radio during voice prompts [just like the radio is muted for incoming phone calls] and ii) the user selected voice prompt volume needs to be retained once it is set. If the navigation system would mute the radio - then a single, reasonable, user selected voice prompt volume would work fine. My wife refuses to use the MKX's navigation system because it is just too frustrating to drive in an unfamiliar area, get yelled at by the navigation lady, try to adjust the volume, and listen for directions all at the same time. We continue to use the navigation app on our cell phones.
    2) Climate Control OFF Button Clears Settings -
    Not sure if other Ford products with SYNC3 suffer from this one or not. But in our MKX, the only way to turn off the climate control fan is to use a separate climate control OFF button. The fan speed button will adjust the fan down to speed setting 1, but it will not turn the fan off. However, when the separate climate control OFF button is used to turn the fan off, SYNC3 then clears all of the climate control settings (Dual Control, temperature settings, etc.). When you turn the fan off (using the separate off button), you will then need to reset most of the climate settings when you turn the fan back on. It seems like SYNC3 should remember the last climate control settings as a reasonable starting point when the fan is turned back on.
    3) Seat Adjustment Screen -
    Our MKX came with 22 way adjustable seats. To aid with adjustments, SYNC3 brings up a seat pictorial on the screen in response to pushing the buttons on the seat to adjust lumbar, side bolsters, etc. One can then choose to continue making adjustments with the seat buttons or make adjustments using the touch screen. Seat adjustments can become a fairly frequent activity on long road trips and it would be nice if SYNC3 would automatically revert to the last active screen following an adjustment. Currently SYNC3 leaves the seat adjustment screen open until the return button is touched on the screen. A more natural process would be: push adjust button on seat, seat adjust screen is displayed, use seat button to make adjustments while watching screen, screen reverts to last active screen after seat adjustment is complete (15 or 30 seconds of seat button inactivity).
    4) Speed Adaptive Volume -
    SYNC3 does not retain the 'High' setting for speed adaptive radio volume. If 'High' is selected, SYNC3 reverts to an OFF setting after a couple of hours. When selected, the 'Medium' and 'Low' settings seem to be retained indefinitely. Seems like SYNC3 should retain the 'High' setting if selected.
    Apologies for the lengthy post. Just wanted to bring up these items to ask if others are experiencing the same. I'm sure there may be other items that arise as my wife and I dig deeper into SYNC3's capabilities, but to us, these are the items we deal with on a daily basis. Ford has done a good job, but there are a couple of opportunities for improvement. Hopefully Ford will address these in an upcoming SYNC3 update soon.
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    punch-card reacted to BigBehr in Name for USB stick   
    I've been very pleased with the speed and responsiveness of using a USB stick with Sync 3. But even though I put a name label on the device (using a Mac), it always appears as UNKNOWN under sources, while the iPod shows the assigned custom name for the iPod.
    Any hints on how to make the name appear on the USB stick?