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  1. I've had the MA1 since Feb, it has worked well, only a couple of time have I needed to restart the dongle. I like leaving my phone in my pants pocket and AA starts up every time I get in the car, and goes right into last app used .
  2. Check out the Motorola MA1, it works fine on my MKX 2016 with latest Sync 3.0 update. You need to make sure your phone is compatible also. Don't have AT&T, I use Google FI but I think the dongle is just using wifi to pass display information, not connection since AA is running on your phone not Sync. It initially connect via bluetooth then enable the wifi on your phone back to the dongle, just like you plugged your phone into your vehicle.
  3. After my update I am seeing 20204_PRODUCT.
  4. What year are the maps? The new maps were just out last fall. it would be very unusual for there to be another set of maps out within under a year... REF: https://fordsyncforum.com/index.php?/topic/7041-map-updates-now-available-for-sync3/&do=findComment&comment=22336
  5. punch-card

    Ford Pass Broken?

    My Lincoln Way seem to be working today... It may be different than the Ford Pass
  6. punch-card

    Map Updates Now Available For Sync3

    Read the download and install instructions, If I remember correctly when I updated mine, USB 2 and formatted exfat32. It said USB3 in instruction, but I think I have had better luck with USB2 with sync updates. USB Requirement  The application requires a USB formatted (exFAT32), blank, device that is 16GB or greater in order to transfer the downloaded files from your computer to a USB. Any files or directories that already exist on the USB will be removed if you are required to format the USB. See Step 5 for format instructions.
  7. punch-card

    Map Updates Now Available For Sync3

    Your correct, I saw ESN, and even told the person it was the modem ESN, and he never said that it was the SYNC's ESN.... I will try that.. Thanks, you hit the nail on the head. Update: 100% correct, it started with a WV... and worked first time, updating maps shortly... Thanks
  8. punch-card

    Map Updates Now Available For Sync3

    So today I tried to order the update NAV map on the website and it kept complaining about my ESN was incorrect. So it suggested calling their 800 number, to which I did, and the support person told me that ESN only begin with "V or W" (I think that was the letters). after 15 minutes on the phone, of the support person insisted that my ESN did not begin with "T5AF*****" even though I was looking about the about screen. After about 20 minutes he gave me a 800 number which was useless also, he ended up sending me to a Ford Sync 800 number, this also was a waste because the Sync person send me to another company that sold the NAV maps for "My touch". Arggg that will not help with Sync 3..... Has any one else seen this issue? Does your ESN begin with a "T"? Anybody got a suggest how to get around this blockade?
  9. punch-card

    Sync 3 Update

    The last time I had to reset mine from a prerelease version of Sync, I had to go all the way back to version 1, then upgrade to version 2, then finally upgrade to version 3 production. So I think you would need to find the upgrade to version 2 first, then go to version 3. I don't think (but I am not an authority) that you can skip a major release.
  10. punch-card

    Map Updates Now Available For Sync3

    So what is the trademark date of maps?
  11. One thing I found out about the new interface which I really liked was, if while in Waze I say "Hey google call Sally Joe", the old version would always switch to the phone app, then when you were done with the call, you have to manually switch back to Waze. Now AA just makes the call and leaves you in Waze. One more plus!. Thanks for your find!
  12. I have the same issue with the radio not muting, but I have found that if I use "Hey Google" (make sure radio volume is not too loud) then the radio will mute, if say you want to make a call....
  13. I see the same thing when I use AA and call by voice, I end up muting audio before making a call, I think the latest version of sync 18093 I started noticing the issue.
  14. I don't have that issue with my Pixel XL, is your sync3 updated to the latest version?
  15. Did you download the zip from owner.lincoln.com? The one I downloaded worked perfectly. https://owner.lincoln.com/tools/account/how-tos/keep-your-sync-up-to-date.html
  16. I got the pop up after I installed 18093, and restart vehicle.... Good news it only took less than 5 minutes from 18025 I did find this for IOS users... (not me) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvFrDYlOrto
  17. Here is are example of HD1 and HD3 on the same frequency. Just turn your tuner nob to 3
  18. Been there done that.... You have to go "upgrade" to official version 2 (i.e. the V1 to V2), then you can go from V2 to V3 18025.... If you google it you will find several posting on that, it is like once you are off the official versions, it is almost impossible to get back.
  19. punch-card

    Google Maps and Waze

    A guess, because both are using the GPS, maps may drop the route because of that? Or maybe because both are Google Products.. .. Been using Waze for about 4 year, and it is the only navigation I will use, it is not perfect, but a lot better that built in NAV or other apps... IMHO
  20. Check with the configuration of your music player, maybe it is configured for WiFi only, i.e. no cellular data. I have seen where apps where they will stop playing when the WiFi signal drops and it switch to cellular, most of the time you just need to either restart the app, or hit the play on the app so it restarts playing.
  21. As for "Same Destination", I wonder it that is waze is "sleeping" in the background, I know that is the case on Android, unless you kill the task, it will pickup where you left off. As for getting warm, it does but not as much as when before when Waze was on the phone display (pre AA), but no surprise there, anytime the display is on for a long period of time the phone gets really hot. Between the CPU having to process data, and lighting the screen it, I would think (not sure) the lighting would do more heating...
  22. I wonder if this is the same type of issue that happen with the Android version, If I start waze before I plug into the USB, and then start Waze in AA, the display is very similar, everything is over sized. Is the iPhone version on the phone first, or started in Sync 3? Just a thought....
  23. punch-card

    Ford SSM 47167

    Are you on Sync3 v3? Looks like if that does not help there are manual step the service tech need to take. https://ford.oemdtc.com/3363/touchscreen-unresponsive-2016-2017-ford-lincoln-with-sync-3
  24. punch-card

    Sync 3 v3.0 broke my AA on LG-v20

    Have you tried deleting pairing on both phone and sync, and then re-pair bluetooth? then plug in usb...