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  1. Old thread, but just ran across this and thought I'd respond incase others wanted to try. Select "Prioritize Connection Method" and should be able to chose order of connections.
  2. enigma-2

    Broken after update

    Try a reset. Pull your fuse, run car for a few minutes, stop engine and replace fuse and see if full functioning is replaced.
  3. Can't save as unit recalculates route for each session from current location. Best you can hope for is "destination previous location" and go from there.
  4. enigma-2

    Sync My Ride

    Try reformatting the USB drive using FAT32. The update does not accept exFAT formatting.
  5. What happens if you switch to Sirus and tap the "Presets" button on the display?
  6. Sorry for responding so late, jusT seen your post. I have a 2009 MKX and the latest (and last) sync update is 2.1.4. I have navigation, Sirus & DVD. (Sync version's vary depending on the equipment, so 1.3 may be the highest you can install; just don't know). No, you cannot go to version 4, it's a hardware limitation, not software. Imo, even if you installed all of the upgraded hardware, to go to Myfordsync, you wouldn't gain much, and it would be expensive.
  7. No connection. They are only offering to sell you a map upgrade.
  8. Couple of suggestions. Sync will try to start in the same configuration as when it was shutnoff. It will attempt to connect to any phone registered with it. If when it first starts, does not find your phone, it will switch over to a different audio source, requiring you to force a BT connection. Second suggestion is to delete all BT devices registered with Sync and then reestablish a new connection. Seen this happen if an old cell phones are still registered with Sync (gets confused and runs home to mama).
  9. enigma-2

    I want my Sync 1 back!

    Just asking, but did you do voice training on your new system?
  10. enigma-2

    No audio

    I've had something similar happen on mine, for some strange reason the sound input switched from "BTST" to "USB". Switched back and sound came through loud and clear. (Very loud, had turned the volume up thinking it was weak).
  11. enigma-2

    upgrade to Sync 3 possible?

    Sorry, Sync 3 uses different hardware.
  12. enigma-2

    Bluetooth pairing issue Droid Maxx 2

    Btw, a Droid is Magnavox isn't it? The Magnavox Droid's is NOT listed as a compatible phone. https://owner.ford.com/how-tos/sync-technology/all/phone/phones-compatible-with-sync.html#?year=2015&model=Edge&syncGen=myFordTouch&country=us .
  13. enigma-2

    Bluetooth pairing issue Droid Maxx 2

    After checking that you have latest Sync updates, check to see if you have the latest version of the Droid's operating system. IF ok, I would try re-pairing (after unpairing first). If this doesn't work, try a master reset. A master reset will erase all personal data in Sync, including navigation saves and phonebook, so make a note of these. In the menus, touch "settings", then "system" then "master reset", then "yes".
  14. For the life of me, I can't figure out what the tires have to do with the navigation system. I thought the nav system uses GPS to locate and maintain the car's relative location on the earth. Rotating the tires keeps the same size tires on the car, same size, same tread, etc. Changing tires with a different brand would only change the tread, assuming the same size tire was used. Doesn't make any sense to me.
  15. Although unrelated, I use an Escort Passport Max2 radar detector which links via the cloud (direct to Escort Defender Database) and automatically shows the known location of all US speed cameras & red light cameras. Updates weekly so its rarely out-of-date. The Max, Max2 (same as the Max but connects to your cell phone via bluetooth instead of a cable) & the Max 360 also track local police radar if they were detected by another Escort radar detector and is also connected to the cloud. Using this you may be travelling along and a radar blip pops up on the map display showing where someone else just got hit by radar or laser. (Gives enough warning to slow down). Database also tracks the speed limit of the road your traveling and alerts if your driving over the speed limit (by how much can be set in the settings menu). Back to your question, I imagine that the database would need to be updated constantly for red light and speed cameras; as just having a database of them in the POI would go obsolete very quickly. For whatever it's worth, there is an Internet website that tracks red light & speed trap cameras, state by state.