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  1. CARR142

    QWERTY keyboard?

    With or Without Nuts?
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    Sat Nav cad issue

    Yes Sync 2, Welcome
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    Good afternoon

    Sync 2, Welcome!
  4. "I stream Slacker radio", is this by way of ur phone?, or someother device? I have my phone paired to Sync as phone only and my Nexus 7 as music source and my Nexus 7 always is the default music device.
  5. OR, pay me to have a Lockpick Air, (https://www.coastaletech.com/mytouchair.htm), installed to add to my satisfaction.
  6. 2011 MKX - Mine also did this a few days ago; then the smell went away the next day, ????
  7. There is a way to do this. Clear phone book. Turn off auto phonebook download. Use add contacts from phone, to add 1 contact.
  8. Go here, might help! https://support.mapquest.com/hc/en-us/sections/200013886
  9. I tried again using Chrome and Firefox, both browsers show send to CAR, on the right menu, click on car, then the option: onstar or sync.
  10. Are you logging in to MapQuest or as Guest?
  11. Have you tried running fIREFOX with add-ons disable?
  12. According to the explorerforum.com Ford In Vehicle Technology Rep Rebecca, "Applink will not be available on MFT." http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=312673&page=9 Post 178: Exact quote: "AppLink will not be available on MFT; please do not shoot the messenger."