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    You're right that it's better than carrying around a case of CDs. Ford added it as a *simple* replacement for a multi-disc changer. Simple being the key word here. This leads to a number of downsides: If you buy your music online through something like iTunes, you have to then take the time to burn a bunch of audio CDs (or one or two rewriteable CDs) which you will likely never use again. If you have a large collection of non-CD music you want to load, this can be tedious. You then have to load this freshly burned CD into your car and wait for it to re-rip the audio into a compressed format on the hard drive, adding more time to the process, when you already had those songs in a compressed digital format to begin with, that Ford won't allow you to load onto the system directly. Even if your entire (or bulk of your) music collection is on store-bought or already-burned audio CDs, once you take the time to load them into the hard drive, you have no way to back them up to move to your next car, or to use on your iPod, or your home computer, or anything. You have zero control over the encoding settings to adjust for your desired audio quality and file size. Artwork is only if your CD happens to exactly match something in the Gracenotes database. For these reasons, I still think 99.9% of people with the Jukebox and Sync features and a home computer should forget they have the Jukebox and take the time to rip their CDs to their computer instead. Why? Because it addresses everything I listed above. You control the encoding process for quality vs. size. You control the artwork. You have a backup copy of the files on the computer, and can further back those up on an external drive, on an online backup site like carbonite, etc. You only ever have to rip those discs once to your computer. Then you copy whatever files you want to listen to an inexpensive USB thumb drive and stick it in your car's USB port. If you change cars, you just move the thumb drive to the new car. If the drive gets corrupted or it or your car stolen, you still have all that music on your computer. If you get sick of what you're listening to, change the files on the drive. It doesn't take long. You have way more storage space available (the jukebox has 10GB for music storage, you can buy as many 16GB or 32GB thumb drives as you want for not much money) which leads to more selection. All around it's a win-win-win.
  2. Unfortunately, this can't be done. This is a huge weakness in the jukebox functionality and really makes it a very questionable value. Newer Ford & Lincoln vehicles have dropped the feature entirely. Just a point of clarification, the Jukebox functionality actually isn't part of Sync, it's a feature of the car's stereo headunit. If you want to avoid this issue in the future, your best bet is to re-rip your CDs to your computer, and copy the mp3 files to a USB drive for use in your car. This way, you have full control over the files, and can back them up, move them to different vehicle(s), etc. Avoid the lock-in of the Jukebox "feature". Cheers, Scott.
  3. No it's not that. If you happen to use iTunes, that Sync My iTunes app is handy to help diagnose and tagging issues you might have. But the creating speech commands and the speech commands not available on this device problems are problems with Sync that Ford is well aware of and allegedly have a fix coming "soon" in the way of a sync update.
  4. Mutnat


    Does your Explorer have My Ford Touch? If so, you don't have the jukebox feature. Trust me, you're not missing much. You're better off to rip the music yourself on your computer where you can manage the tags and artwork yourself, actually BACKUP the files, etc. Then you can just copy them to a USB thumb drive or external USB hard drive and access them through Sync.
  5. Do you reboot your Blackberry periodically? On a Bold, you probably wanna do that at least every 3 - 5 days. hold down the Alt key on the left of the keyboard and the shift key on the right-side of the keyboard and at press the Del key while you have those other two keys held down and the phone will reboot. The alternative is to pull the battery out and put it back in but that's a bigger pain in the neck.
  6. Well, since you have Gen1 hardware (non-My Ford Touch hardware), Sync won't show you line in if you have anything attached to the USB port. Try unplugging your iPod/USB flash drive and checking again, and I bet it will find Line In.
  7. Sadly no, that's not possible. I guess the Sync designers decided not to handle the additional complexity of multiple phones. I think the main problem would be that Sync would have to prompt you on every outgoing call which attached phone to use.
  8. This wouldn't even be so horrible if we got frequent updates that consistently resolved issues and improved the stability and functionality of the system. This is definitely not the case today.
  9. Interesting idea! Another option would probably be to use one (or a few) CD-RW(s) that can be written and re-written over and over again.
  10. I think for now the only known solution to the Speech Commands Not Available (SCNA) error is to pull the Sync fuse for several minutes to fully reset it. There is a lengthy thread on the syncmyride.com site about it. Apparently there is a software update for Sync that should be arriving soon (relative term, I have no idea when) that is supposed to resolve it.
  11. Does your Edge have MFT (My Ford Touch)? If so, then you don't have the jukebox functionality. You're not missing much.
  12. Mutnat

    Pull fuse to fix SYNC problems

    Oh, yes, you are correct, there's no Jukebox feature in MFT (My Ford Touch). Sorry I didn't realize that's what you had.
  13. Mutnat

    Pull fuse to fix SYNC problems

    In the glovebox booklets, there should be a "Navigation System powered by Sync" booklet. Have a look at the section "Recording (saving) music to your jukebox". In my version of the booklet, it starts on page 61. It should show you step by step instructions on how to record your CDs to the jukebox. Hopefully that helps!
  14. Mutnat

    USB and Cell Phone

    Shoot. Then I guess my suggested work around isn't a great one for you. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to set the profiles individually per device.
  15. Mutnat

    Sync and Sirius radio

    I bet the ones that just say the channel number are ones where there was no channel before, so there's no recorded name that matches that number. I turned off the setting of her announcing each channel as I tune it anyway since it was more annoying than anything. Based on talk on the owner-to-owner syncmyride.com forum, it sounds like sync update will be required to fix it.