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  1. Muzicman61

    Hello from Ohio

    Congrats on the new vehicle and retirement... You'll enjoy both. I was retired until Covid hit and got "recalled" so to speak.
  2. Muzicman61

    Sync 3 apps

    My guess is YouTube would not be allowed for legal/safety issues.
  3. By chance have you enabled developer options on your phone? What is your default USB option? Check the USB settings on your S21.
  4. Muzicman61

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Had no idea that was even possible. I've had Sync updates over wifi but never maps. Interesting.
  5. Muzicman61

    USB Drive Song Metadata

    I have about 18,000 songs on a 256gb flash drive. They were all ripped to MP3 format at 320kbps. Can't say how many CDs that totals but just buy the biggest flash drive you can afford.
  6. Muzicman61

    Latest Sync 3 Map Update Issues

    For Sync3, it needs to be formatted exFat. FAT32 won't work supposedly for Sync3. I just upgraded my wife's Edge ST maps last night. I started the car, then once Sync was initialized and ready, I inserted the USB drive. Took about 20 seconds and then I saw the first message indicating it was updating. I think it went through 3 phases, Downloading, uncompressing, then installing. Took about 30 minutes.
  7. Muzicman61

    USB Drive Song Metadata

    The SSD should use only about 2.5W when reading. But a typical USB3 port only outputs about 900mW as far as I could quickly research. So that might indicate you are correct and the car cannot power the SSD.
  8. Muzicman61

    Latest Sync 3 Map Update Issues

    Do you have any other USB devices plugged in? You need to remove them first before inserting the USB drive with the update on it.
  9. Muzicman61

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Just curious, how large was the USB drive? I figure not much larger than whatever the size of the files are. Perhaps 16GB?
  10. Muzicman61

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Really debating on whether to do the 5 year subscription or the one time update. How often does Ford typically update their maps? I figure I need 3 updates in 5 years to make it worthwhile.
  11. I was washing dishing and bussing tables at 14. Mowed lawns, raked leaves and shoveled snow. Had multiple paper routes which led to a nice job with the newspaper in town. Very blessed.
  12. Muzicman61

    Broken after update

    Possibly coincidence... have you tried doing a sync factory reset after the upgrade?
  13. I guess I was fortunate enough when I was that age that I had several jobs and could have easily afforded it.
  14. Even 20 years ago that would have been a great buy. I would have jumped on that in a heart beat. But I get it that sometimes it's more important to put food on the table and keep the lights on.
  15. Personally I think they destroyed the look. I just saw a new 2021 Mustang Mach 1 in my dealer's showroom. Now that is a sweet looking ride. And only priced at $60K.