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  1. Even 20 years ago that would have been a great buy. I would have jumped on that in a heart beat. But I get it that sometimes it's more important to put food on the table and keep the lights on.
  2. Personally I think they destroyed the look. I just saw a new 2021 Mustang Mach 1 in my dealer's showroom. Now that is a sweet looking ride. And only priced at $60K.
  3. Gotta get me one of those Musktangs!!! šŸ¤£
  4. Muzicman61

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Yah, I figured they had a way to prevent that from working. Sucks I never got a complimentary update for my Fusion.
  5. Muzicman61

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    So would it be possible to take the complimentary (free) update for my wife's 2020 Edge ST and install it on my 2017 Fusion Energi? My guess would be not but am hopeful.
  6. Muzicman61

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    So are the map updates really any different for Sync 3.0 vs 3.4?
  7. Muzicman61

    Sync 3.4.21194 Now Available from Ford

    Could always be worse. Google released an update on Aug. 28th that caused all users of certain model LG phones to be unable to make or receive phone calls. I spent 3 hours on the phone with Verizon who were clueless as to the problem. Finally my son discovered the issue.
  8. Muzicman61

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    You cited Lincoln... "According to the Lincoln SYNC 3 NAV map update website." Some people may have interpreted that the update was only for Lincolns. Just adding some clarity.
  9. Muzicman61

    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    Same for Ford... it's really for Sync 3 and not dependent on vehicle.
  10. Muzicman61

    Problem with update

    But it sounds like the download finished, perhaps not successfully but it is now trying to install the update. I'd recommend downloading the update yourself and put it on a USB drive. Then do the installation yourself.
  11. If Sync versioning was that important you probably should have considered purchasing something newer than 2012. I think 2017 was the start of Sync 3.
  12. Muzicman61

    Lost HD Radio

    Well I was going to try and remove the fuses related to radio (32 & 33) but I'm too fat and old to get up underneath the dashboard to remove them. However, after making no changes to the system, I got in the car on Sunday and danged if my HD radio was working again. We drove to Home Depot and it was playing fine. Came out of Home Depot, and it was gone again. Next stop it came back on. I'm thinking antenna issue and nothing to do with Forscan.
  13. Muzicman61


    Yah, good point. I only use USB2.0 drives for updates. USB3.0 seems fine as a media device.
  14. Muzicman61


    Yah, wishful thinking. I found the same issue in my wife's 2020 Edge ST. No way to get them to lay perfectly flat like they did in the Escape. Seems like a poor design. I plan to ask them at the dealership next time if I'm missing something. But I found nothing in the owners manual that address the issue.
  15. Muzicman61


    As for your seats, I know in my wife's 2011 Escape, we had to remove the head rests and pull up on the from of the lower seat then tip it forward so it was resting against the back of the driver/passenger seats. Then the back part would fold completely flat. Hope that helps.