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  1. Agree with Multitask... useless since it no longer reports the odometer reading and oil life.
  2. I doubt it. The connection to the phone is Bluetooth. Has nothing to do with DNS.
  3. The problem is, many of the application which can do auto volume leveling, Sync does not recognize that info. Most the programs I found for volume leveling don't actually alter the audio. They simply add header information about the volume. It's up to the client player to read and adjust the volume based on that header information. Ford Sync does not to my knowledge acknowledge that info in a MP3 or ACC file.
  4. Glad to hear that AAC is going to work for you. I gave up on Apple when they gave Wozniak the boot.
  5. Nice set of vehicles. Let us know if AAC actually works. I've never tried it but just read that in my owner's manual.
  6. Not a fan of any function/feature that doesn't have an alternative method besides the touch screen to enable. So glad I have physical buttons for all the option on my FFE.
  7. Muzicman61

    New SYNC 3.4 update available

    Although I have seen an update over WiFi, only once was it ever successful. More than often I just use a USB flash drive to do the install.
  8. Actually Ford Sync supports: MP3. Non DRM protected WMA. WAV. AAC. Although I have never tested anything other than MP3 and WAV.
  9. Good luck. Keep us posted.
  10. If that is true, then how do 60% of his songs play just fine? I'm just asking because I know very little about iTunes and Apple. Another question for PurpleDog... if you take the USB stick to another computer, say a Windows platform, do they all play? And if you browse the media on Sync do they show up?
  11. Ford had a lot of issues with microphones in the past. My dealership replaced my microphone 7 or 8 times on my 2007 Ford Focus. But so far in my 2017 Fusion I have not had an issue. Sorry, but I did a quick search and didn't really find anything helpful in replacing the microphone but I do recall there were some TSBs out there on poor quality microphones.
  12. Muzicman61

    Sat Nav cad issue

    Maybe try a hard reset by pulling the Sync fuse. You can find it referenced in your owner's manual.
  13. Muzicman61

    Sat Nav cad issue

    How was the master reset performed? Did they pull the fuse? Or just do it from the Sync menu?
  14. Muzicman61

    Help required please

    I agree... no power to the USB ports would indicate a blown fuse.
  15. Well, if you are following the same exact process and 60% of the songs work, then I'd say you are doing it right. Do they play fine on the computer? Mac or Windows? Do you know much about this converter program like what bit rate does it encode to or what codec it is using? Might first suggestion would be to try a different converter program. Maybe take one of the failed songs and use the original AAC file and use the website CloudConvert.com and try converting it with their online program and see if the mp3 still fails. It could be this iTunes converter program has some bugs.