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  1. Muzicman61

    Deleting text messages?

    If they really bothers you, I imagine you could delete the phone from Sync, then add it back. That would certainly delete them all.
  2. Muzicman61

    Deleting text messages?

    I've looked in the past but never found a way to delete them. Wasn't a big issue to me so I never pursued it further. If you find a way, let us know.
  3. Muzicman61

    Sync questions, mainly voice dialing

    Have you checked your Sync confirmation settings?
  4. Muzicman61

    APIM, ACM, or DSP Settings

    Well you didn't state your vehicle, year, or Sync version but I thought there was a way to disable speed compensated volume in the on screen menus.
  5. When streaming, are you switching your audio source to "Bluetooth Audio"?
  6. Yah, it's a DNS lookup failure. Somebody muffed up.
  7. Thanks. Had to scroll down to the the bottom of the page to the SYNC ESN. Crazy.
  8. I tried to use the link you provided but it keeps telling me my ESN is incorrect. I've checked it 3 times and it is correct. Also double checked my VIN. Both are correct. https://ford.navigation.com/home/en_US/FordNA/USD
  9. well i'd say that's your first step. pair the phone with sync.
  10. Does your phone show it's bluetooth connected to the vehicle?
  11. Can you go into the wifi settings and manually configure your wifi? It's true wifi isn't really needed for updates but it might stop the screen pop you are getting.
  12. Muzicman61

    Rear camera

    Curious what state you are in because I was told since rear view cameras are now mandated for any vehicle 2018 or later, that the camera was allowed to be used during driving tests.
  13. Muzicman61

    Ford Pass Broken?

    I think the update was worse that before. Now it hasn't updated with my vehicle since Feb. 26th. If I released this kind of crap software to my customers I'd be fired.
  14. Do you have AM station 1 preset set? You might try setting AM station one preset to an actual channel. It'll still switch to AM but you won't get static.