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    Yea... the dealerships usually have WiFi and mine will let me go there and do the updates, so you might get them to allow you too... ๐Ÿ˜Ž Not to mention they can see if happening or not... ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    Hi FordF150. Yes, it will/can. If you use another VIN to download the latest SYNC 3 update, install it and report the installation, the real owner will not be able to receive that update. And if they updated already and reported the installation, you will not be able to receive that latest update.That is one of the problems with this method. It is nice of you to be one of the few people I have seen actually worry about what happens to the real owner of the vehicle after a VIN is hijacked like this. Good luck.
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    New User - review so far "Pitiful"

    Same on my Lincoln MKX 13 and 16 but apparently you and I should do some learning...
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    New User - review so far "Pitiful"

    Hi NOTMY. To my knowledge, Build 19205 is the latest available SYNC 3 build. And I believe what asteele posted was not necessarily what comes up on his SYNC screen, but a list of available commands. Every command does not come up on the screen. I am guessing he may have obtained that list from his Owners Manual. I'm sure he will correct me if I am wrong. However, I have a 2018 MKZ, updated twice from 17xxx, to 18xxx, to Build 19205, and all of those commands asteele listed work in my car. Like all of us, you will need to do some learning. So as mentioned previously, the best thing we can do is peruse the SYNC section of our Owner Manuals, where there is a pretty extensive list of available commands, and utilize the tutorials and tutorial videos available on the Lincoln Owners website. EDIT - I can also mention that there is a newer NAV map update, if you are interested. The latest NAV maps version is NA 1 18 (you are on NA 1 14). However, you may not be interested, since you will probably have to pay. The first update after vehicle purchase is free and it looks like you never updated. However, I am not sure if there is a time limit on that free update. Hope this information helps and good luck.
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    Sync 4 coming

    I suspect there's going to be some hiding and watching on the part of potential Ford buyers. I'd wonder just how much data is being stored and accessed every time the vehicle hits the road. Do I need another $50 a month data plan just so my entertainment/navigation system will function? Then again, I'm one of those (fading in numbers) who likes to have his music collection saved on a local system (phone, mp3 player, USB drive) rather than entrusting a carefully curated list involving thousands of songs (and their embedded data) to a remote server. I embrace useful tech (Alexa provides me with news/entertainment and keeps track of everything from locks to lighting in literally every room) but relying on Internet access while on the road might be a stretch. We'll see.
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    Sync 3 by USB

    OK, good so far... don't move the .zip file to the drive, unzip it on the Mac, then copy the 2 files and 1 folder to the flash drive. Make sure it's formated as fat32 or exfat and that it is a USB 2.0 drive, a USB 3.0 might work, but a 2.0 will definatly. the 0k file is the donotindx.msa (btw)
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    Map Updates Now Available For Sync3

    as has been mentioned, how long did you leave the USB stick in the car? I would leave it in for about an hour... see if it does anything along the way... if it says it's done, don't believe it, wait the whole hour, and then check... if not, then Talking to Ford might help. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    Map Updates Now Available For Sync3

    Hi all. Yes, I have also downloaded my SYNC3 NAV maps update file (well, it is a large file, >13Gb so is downloading as I write this) from the Lincoln/ALOM Technologies site. Instructions state to plan on a 1 hour install, during which time the car/engine must be kept running, so I will install it tomorrow during a 2 1/2 drive I have to Penn State. As alcohenusa mentioned above, the map update is complementary for 2018-2019 vehicles. No charge if you download the files yourself onto your computer, or a $40 charge to have them mail you a USB drive containing the files. I opted to download for free. I will post back tomorrow night or Sunday and let everyone know how the install went on tomorrows drive. To get your SYNC ESN serial number, go to "Settings" on your SYNC screen. Then scroll down to and click on "About SYNC". Then be sure to scroll to the bottom to get your "SYNC Serial Number (ESN)" number, not the "Onboard Modem Serial Number (ESN)", which is listed first. FYI: My current NAV Map file in my 2018 MKZ is "NA 1 16". I am assuming the update will be "NA 1 17"? I will post back with that information too. Good luck.
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    Sync My Ride

    I have My Ford Touch in my 2014 Focus Titanium Hatchback. The software version says 3.08 - I'm looking at buying an iPhone X but Ford tells me that I need to run the software upgrade to push it from 3.08 to 3.10 So I follow the directions on owner.ford.com and download to my Mac the zip file. I follow the directions carefully that it says to my USB 3.0 16GB drive. After doing what the directions say I take the USB drive to my car, plug it in to the USB slot and both times I tried this the center console display showed an error.. I didn't have a piece of paper and pen to write down the error and I don't recall the exact wording so I'm going to do it again and write down the error next time and post it here. After buying the USB drive because I didn't have one large enough for the 8GB file to download from the Ford site, I plugged it in to my Mac, erased what was on it and formatted it for exFAT per the instructions. I called my local dealer and told them but they want $62.50 to do the upgrade. I'm not paying it. Does anyone have any suggestions or have run into the same problem? This is the error I keep getting no matter how many times I try the process from beginning to end. After erasing and formatting the drive again took it to my car. This is the same error I keep getting. Updating Sync Image. Problem detected with USB storage device. Please contact Sync support or try to download the update again.
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    This is a huge improvement over the original AA app. If you have an Android phone and Android Auto loaded you'll have to go to the app's 'Settings' and toggle the first item. In your Sync3 system turn on Android Auto. Plug your phone into the center console USB port and you'll be good to go! Note, the 'new' display only shows up on the vehicle screen. All AA compatible apps you have on your phone will show up as icons on the main screen. When an app is running it appears on a bar across the bottom of the screen.
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    Refs Sync3 & Waze Navigation Sound

    Well you guys were right i know have volume going up when navigation speaks why it did not work before i have no idea i had tried many times just did not work for some reason it has just stated to work thanks to everyones reply
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    It probably doesn't know what to do with the new version Try removing AA, then reinstall it
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    Battery Saver

    Good reason to always carry something like this. Basically it's a 21st century set of battery cables. I've used mine multiple times (always on other people's cars so far) with absolutely no issues. Connect the cables to the + battery terminal and a handy ground (the lug on the Edge's firewall is perfect) and start er up. I pull mine out and top off the charge every six months.
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    Unofficial Update - v3.0.19119

    I saw that, but I'm AA so it won't work for now
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    @mvan231 So you are saying that the FAQ and instructions on the Ford web page that says that you have to disable CarPlay to run Waze are wrong? If so, then I am not terribly surprised as their instructions for updating the Sync 3 system were completely wrong.
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    Excuse my ignorance, but what AR file? None of the files in the un-zipped SyncMyRide folder have AR in the name. My understanding is that I was supposed to download the update, unzip it (I work on a Mac and the instructions told me to use Stuffit for that part), and then copy 2 files (autoinstall.lst and DONTINDX.MSA) and one folder (SyncMyRide) to the root of a memory stick formatted as ExFAT. Then to use that as the update mechanism for Sync 3. I did that, I got the updating message and then, about 15 minutes later, I got the complete message. But there is no AR file anywhere on the usb stick. There are AB, TCB, THA, AAB, AM, CD and CB tar files. The update gave me version 18093.
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    Sync 3 version number on2018 vehicles

    Being in Australia, where we use the EU build, I took the plunge and installed everything that came with build 19149, and it works great... took about 15 mins from start to finish. Always use a modern USB drive for best copy speed - old slower drives that have been rattling in a desk drawer for a few years will make any update take a long time... and when it's copying the files of the USB you don't get any messages - so there is no clue it is doing anything unless your USB has an activity flight flashing away during the copy. Only after the copy has completed do you get a message "system update in progress" - but many users pull the USB out during the copy not knowing that anything is even happening. I was on build 18093 previously. Gracenote didn't change in version as a fyi... it's still v1.1.1.1127(EU-0010) Sync3 appears to be snappier in response, but who knows if it really is. After running obvious tests with voice commands and navigation I also tested Android Auto - which also seems snappier - but is it really? I haven't tested CarPlay - but will install on wifes vehicle tonight and will see if she stops complaining about the incorrect Waze speed. Non-EU users will probably break voice commands/navigation if they install all the files together (since that is what I broke at my end when I installed a NA version 2 years ago) - but I wanted to share my success in Australia in cast it helps. Everything at your own risk of course! Good luck!
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    To MICHAEL DAVID can you post the link to the working NAV/NA SYNC 3 update? also, non-NAV/NA version thanks
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    Unofficial Update - v3.0.19119

    I have been using 19119 for about a month... but have Android Auto... so I don't know what was fixed for you... and I don't use Waze much...
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    If all of the Sync 3 versions are the same build number, then I don't see why they act differently. I am not questioning what you are saying - I'm sure you are right - it is just that I would have thought that they would all act identically if they were at the same software level. I guess it could be the hardware on the system and any related firmware associated with that hardware. I am just trying to make sense out of why my S10+ works on a 2018 Fusion but not on a 2018 Transit when they both are running Sync 3 with the same version. But then it would not be the first time that I was left puzzled. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the response.
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    You ask a good question but too be honest I do not think you will gain much, if anything, with the 18093 build. Ford does not detail what changes are made in each version. My advice is to wait until Ford does another Sync3 update beyond 18903 and your unit should update normally. That said, there is talk that Ford is not planning updates for the 2015 to 2018 models due to changes in the APIM module. If that's true there will be a lot of people upset.
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    Sync 3 Update- Still says ver. 2.0

    And, Blue, that's as far as we go with our '17s. Ignore all this talk about Version 3.3. It's only for '19s.
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    i think it may have more to do with re-writing the files rather than how they are organized.
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    Sync 3 by USB

    Master Reset did the trick. Thanks all for your help
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    Quelle surprise... They just don't give a $hit