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    2021 SYNC 3 NAV map update.

    HI Muzicman. Ford/Lincoln release updated NAV map versions annually. The NAV map updates are usually released/offered around mid-July/early August of each year. The update was a little late this year, likely due to the pandemic. For everyone's information: The 5 year subscription cost is $199 for the 5 digital download version and $239 for the 5 mailed USB version. The single year update via digital download is $109 and the mailed USB update is $149. So if a Lincoln/Ford owner forecasts they will update 2 or more times in 5 years, it is less expensive to order the 5 year subscription. If you think you will only update once in 5 years, order the single year update. And my opinion: For those not entirely comfortable with computers, downloading/transferring files etc., pay the extra $40 and order the USB version. Especially if ordering the 5 year subscription. At the very least, you get troubleshooting/tech support (which you do not get with the straight digital download), you will not have to worry about downloading/transferring files etc., plus you will wind up with 5 extra USB flash drives for your own personal use in the end. If comfortable with your computer skills, get the download, but realize they offer no troubleshooting support for the digital downloads, if there is a problem. Here is the SYNC 3 NAV map update website: https://syncnavigation.com/lincoln/home Let us know how you make out and good luck.