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    Reset sync 3

    Hi Sue. Unfortunately yes, it seems to be a "dead system". There is no way to accurately diagnose this over the Internet. You have tried all the usual self-help remedies. (battery, fuses etc.). It could be a bad APIM or a handful or more other causes. If the vehicle is out of warranty, there is nothing that can be done now, other than pay to have it diagnosed and repaired. Or purchase an aftermarket Audio system that will give you Bluetooth connectivity, etc. Just out of curiosity, you purchased a used vehicle with a non-working SYNC system. When did you first discover it did not work? Did the car have any sort of CPO or Dealer warranty? if yes, did you ever bring it back to the Dealership to have it repaired during the warranty period? We have to assume not. Keep us updated and good luck.
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    Reset sync 3

    Just a stab, you say you can never GET to the master reset, or that you can get to it but it does not seems to work? Also, why are you trying to have that do, what is the underlying issue that you feel you need to do the reset ?
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    Reset sync 3

    Hi Sue. You purchased the car used and SYNC has not worked since you purchased it? Did you purchase the car from a Ford Dealer? Was there any type of used car warranty when you purchased it? If yes, when did you first let the Dealer know that SYNC did not work? Assuming you used the correct reset procedure that is listed in your Owners Manual (not just something you found online, which may be right or wrong), there is not much more self help that you can try. You have already tried all the other normal suggestions. Disconnected the battery, fuses etc. Having the underlying problem diagnosed and corrected may be your only other option. If other members have any ideas, I am sure they will jump in to help. Keep us updated and good luck.