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  2. The ATT Wireless is for you to use to connect any other device to Wireless, provided you have an ATT signal.... moot if you do not... So technically you should use it to update your phones OS... but sadly it does not work internally for Sync 3 updates... etc....
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  4. I've had the MA1 since Feb, it has worked well, only a couple of time have I needed to restart the dongle. I like leaving my phone in my pants pocket and AA starts up every time I get in the car, and goes right into last app used .
  5. Hi DBH. You are very welcome. Yes, if you only signed up for the AT&T hotspot service thinking it would let you use wireless Android Auto, it won't work. Cancel and save the $20 monthly fee. As punch-card mentioned above, you can use a wireless USB dongle to enable wireless Android Auto (and/or Apple CarPlay). There are some drawbacks and issues with some of these, so if you do decide to purchase one, try to do some research and purchase a good quality one. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  6. OK, I got the hotspot to obviate the necessity of having to plug in my phone every time to run any apps. The only advantage I see now is the ability to use my tablet to run apps like the maps/waze type on the bigger screen. I rarely have any other users in the truck, so I will kiss the hotspot and 20 bucks a month goodbye. Thx for feedback.
  7. Check out the Motorola MA1, it works fine on my MKX 2016 with latest Sync 3.0 update. You need to make sure your phone is compatible also. Don't have AT&T, I use Google FI but I think the dongle is just using wifi to pass display information, not connection since AA is running on your phone not Sync. It initially connect via bluetooth then enable the wifi on your phone back to the dongle, just like you plugged your phone into your vehicle.
  8. Hi DBH and welcome to the Ford SYNC Forum. The answer is pretty simple. SYNC 3 does not support wireless Android Auto and/or wireless Apple CarPlay. You must connect via USB cable for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The AT&T hotspot has nothing to do with Android Auto connectivity, and/or Apple CarPlay connectivity. And even if you did not have the AT&T hotspot enabled, you would still be able to connect to your vehicle via the Ford app on your phone. On a somewhat related note, SYNC 4 does support wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. Good luck.
  9. I have an AT&T hotspot setup on my F150. It works well as I can access it with my mobile devices. My question is this.....Why do I still have to have a USB connection to my phone in order to bring up and play any Android Auto apps? Thx
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  11. Multitask

    UBS Skipping & Bad Media

    There can still be a DRM on them, even if you get them from a 'legal' site.... The ones that play just fine, I suppose you got them legitimately, and or ripped them your self?
  12. Muzicman61

    UBS Skipping & Bad Media

    Are the MP3 files tagged? If so, how did you tag them? How are the files named?
  13. wishitwouldwork

    UBS Skipping & Bad Media

    They shouldn't be protected. I just downloaded them from YouTube.
  14. Multitask

    UBS Skipping & Bad Media

    By chance are any of the mp3's protected.... i.e. purchased.... if so then that is why they were passed on (skipped)
  15. I have a 2012 Fiesta. I've tried two different USBs both with the FAT32 (I also tried exFAT once just for the heck of it) and the 4096 allocation size. All the music files are MP3. On the first USB it skipped several songs without playing any and then said Bad Media. I tried a second USB and it did the same thing except it played 2 of the songs without skipping them. I had a similar problem with a CD I burned, but I never solved that problem either. Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be? This may have already been solved, but there are frankly too many Ford Sync problems to sift through to make sure it hasn't. Any help is appreciated as it is not safe to change CDs while driving.
  16. A few days ago, my wife's 2013 Focus SE radio (standard 4-speaker CD player) started playing static loudly and wouldn't shut off. I had to pull the fuse to quiet things down. Earlier today I went to a local junk yard and pulled the head unit from a 2012 Focus (compatible, supposedly) and installed it in my wife's car. The box looked and connected identically to what I removed. When I reinstalled the fuse and turned it on, all seemed well. The radio played and the Sync menus appeared. The phone paired and the contacts downloaded, but that was the end of it. There are no voice prompts coming from the system now. Activating the system with the steering wheel control brings up the animated icon on the screen and the voice command message, but no sound comes from the system and there is no response from the system when it's given a voice command. I found the prompt command in the menu and made sure it's on, and I did a full system reset as well. Is there anything else I should do? Is it possible that there's a difference in compatibility between a '12 and '13 radio/Sync system?
  17. Hi All, I bought an android headunit to replace SYNC 1 in a Focus Mk3.5 (2015). I removed the Ford facia, SYNC display, CD player then installed the android headunit but decided I didn’t like it. So, I put everything back together as it was but there’s no sync menu it just stays on the date and time. Anyone know why? Is it an anti-theft thing? I thought sync didn’t have security. Tried pulling the sync fuse for a while but still same. Tried a second hand replacement display but still the same
  18. Multitask

    Sync won't default to bluetooth

    2012 does not have Sync 3.... at best it would be Sync (the 1st one)
  19. While yes people can use google to translate, this is an english web site.
  20. Good evening everyone... I'm from Brazil, and I have a 2016 Ford Focus 2.0 Titanium Plus Fastback. I decided to upgrade from Sync 2 to Sync 3, and for that I bought a Sync 3 kit that was from a 2018 Ford Fusion. Everything was going well in the installation... I thought everything would work plug and play... but there were some problems... The first is that my steering wheel control buttons are no longer working.... The on-screen temperature control didn't work either. Can anyone tell me what to do? Or is it possible to adjust through FORScam? Thanks to everyone who can help! Hugs
  21. Sorry, thats on the Sync 3 menu. For the MyFordTouch menu; Press the Settings icon > Settings > Wireless & Internet > Prioritize Connection Methods
  22. https://www.ford.com/support/how-tos/sync/sync-3/sync-3-settings-overview/
  23. I did, several. most results on this forum were about sync1&2, not sync3. Those about 3 were all dead ends. The best I could find was "Try an older version of sync3" which I guess I'll try since why not, but it's not encouraging. Do these APIMs have an aux in port inside the dash perhaps that I could enable on screen and use my own bluetooth receiver? And I'm also wondering if it's possible to control the audio source via OBD2?
  24. In what menu can I find "Prioritize Connection method"?
  25. already has been talked about , do a search.
  26. I never listen to FM/AM. I need Sync to keep the audio source set to bluetooth, even when my phone is not connected. (in other words, it should stay silent if no bluetooth device is detected) So many times, my phone's BT is off, or the phone is dead or it just doesn't connect, and FM comes blaring on unexpectedly. This usually happens right as the backup camera comes on to back out of the driveway and then I either need to SHIFT TO PARK to switch it to BT or shut off the radio. It's just irritating. I switch the stereo to BT, every damn time I get in the car because it keeps switching back. I seriously thought about ripping out the FM antenna, but supposedly it's the same antenna for GPS, so that's a no go. So. How do I go about setting this up? I have access to an obdlink EX and ForScan. And I'm also wondering if it's possible to control the audio source over OBD2, and I'd "just" keep a raspberry connected all the time to send the 'switch to bluetooth' command every second or something. Is there a more 'correct' way to do this?
  27. Why can't we write our own apps for sync3? I want to see my google calendar on there. And view my garage camera and control the door over IP. I found a group called FMods that supposedly had a way to sideload apps into sync3, and there's even a couple games!
  28. Multitask

    File Not Found

    For Sync 2, the flash drive (thumb drive) should be USB 2 (3 might works but I doubt it). It should be formated as FAT 32, or FATex, Also, if on a Mac, make sure it was formated with MBR on There should be 2-3 files, (one will be 0 size) and a folder with files in it, and nothing else.
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