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  2. I have a 2014 Cmax Energi. I had the cell radio updated when Ford did the recall a long time ago. About a year ago it stopped working and I lost remote access and the ability to update. I have done all the restart stuff like removing the fuse and even disconnecting the battery. Did Ford abandon me? If not does anyone know how I can get to the radio to make sure something didn't get unplugged? Suggestions please. Thank you.
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  4. Hi nascar. Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM). Think of it as the brains of the SYNC unit. Have your Dealer look at it and go from there. If it is the APIM, you maybe able to get one relatively inexpensively and replace it yourself. But we can cross that bridge if/when we get to it. Keep us updated and good luck.
  5. no warranty..I bought it off lease last year. What is an APIM ? I will see if the dealer will check my atenea first. If it's an expensive issue I can live with Google Maps for sure! Thank you for responding!
  6. Hi nascar. Could be various issues. Is your Explorer still within the 3 year/36,000 mile New Car Warranty/ If yes, make an appointment for service. If not, it could be a problem with the antenna, a failing APIM or any of several other issues. Hopefully you are still within warranty. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  7. Hi, I hope I am posting in the correct forum. I have a 2018 Explorer Ltd and Sync 3 and a few weeks ago my compass stopped working and I didn't really think about it much. But last week I needed my Navigation and it didn't know where I was. There was the NO GPS ICON. I have tried soft reboot (Power button and fast forward) I have tried the master reboot and I have tried the battery cable disconnect. Any suggestions? My xm radio and fm/am or working fine, but could it be my atenea? Thanks
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  9. Hi bnewt. The member on the Ford Fusion Forum ("sleepysam22") has verified that he was able to successfully factory update from SYNC v3.3 to SYNC v3.4. The thread is located here: https://www.fordfusionforum.com/topic/20740-sync-34-update/?tab=comments#comment-115280 Hope this information helps and good luck.
  10. The site is still borked (yes a technical term, heheh) It thinks I'm up to date with 19274. when I am really at 20136 and I got it from the ford/lincoln web site. I even just sent in the .xml file that the install created and still I get that error. Maybe it'll take time to update, so I will try looking again later tonight or tomorrow.
  11. Hi bnewt. Hold on my previous comment that SYNC 3.3 can not be factory updated to 3.4. A member on one of the Fusion Forums has just posted that he factory updated his 2019 Fusion from SYNC 3.3 to SYNC 3.4. I am just awaiting verification from him that was what actually occurred. I'll post back as soon as he does. Good luck.
  12. I've done the update to my 2018 (when I had it), did not have any issues... but that is not to say you will not. So if you are not comfortable, don't do it. There is a possibility you will make it a brick. and I'm sure you would hate that. As far as the maps, I believe the cut off was 2018 for the maps to be free. There is a fee if you want 1-19 and are less than 2018 (or what ever the cut off is) Is it worth it? Only if you are in a place that has missing info. But remember 1-19 is still about 1-2 years behind in updates.... it was compiled with info from the beginning of 2019 Instructions are that you download the file(s) from the ford/lincoln web site (any other 3rd party site does not count here), unpack it into the 2 files and one folder and put that on a flash drive that was formatted with exFat (its possible that Fat32 might work, but you are better off with exFat) put the drive into the USB slot, and sit back with engine running for about an hour (it should give you a prompt to remove the USB device) ... it will reboot more than once, so wait for the prompt to remove. The site has the information on exactly all this information in detail.
  13. Hi bnewt. What vehicle/model year do you have and what version of SYNC is it equipped with? You can not factory update to SYNC 3.4 from any earlier SYNC versions (3.0, 3.2 etc.). EDIT - Update...However, it seems you can update from 3.3 to 3.4. If you are asking about the third party 3.4 update instructions which are available online, some owners have performed it. Some have had success. Some have had issues. As far as I have seen, many/most of the owners who claim success will admit that they still lost functionality of one service or another, but downplay it by stating that "I didn't use that anyway". And there have been multiple cases of US/Canadian owners winding up with SYNC systems that speak Swedish, French, German etc. The reason for that is these files are taken from European Union or Russian servers. Finally, keep in mind...If your vehicle is still within the New Car Bumper to Bumper Warranty or a Ford/LincolnProtect Extended Service Plan, installing this non-factory update can/will lead to denied claims on any warranty issues concerning SYNC/ Audio/Climate Control/Electronic and even Electrical issues. Essentially anything connected to the SYNC system in any way, even tangentially. If you care about your Warranty, do not perform the third party updates. At least not until your warranty has expired. Sorry for the long post, but it was not clear if you are asking about a factory upgrade to 3.4 (from the SYNC3 Update website), or a third party/non-factory upgrade. Also, posting your vehicle, model year and current SYNC version will help. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  14. I was talking mainly about the map update those that have done the update to 3.4, did you have any problems?
  15. Hi Multitask. You dig deeper and deeper as you go along. A quote from your other post, "Sometimes the instructions will say to just leave it at the on position...". What now...will you hilariously try to parse words and claim that you wrote "it", not "ignition", "engine" or "car"? 不 The facts are, that contrary to what you have posted here, at no time do Fords instructions say that the ignition can be left in the "ON" position for SYNC3 or SYNC3 NAV maps updates. That is 100% false. Ford's directions clearly and consistently state that the engine must be running throughout the entirety of SYNC3 and SYNC 3 NAV maps updates. Not "should" be running. "Must" be running. That is the basis of this entire discussion. So...thank you, for providing the evidence to see you are incorrect and simply will not admit it. Now you attempt to deflect, and argue that since some people have issues when trying to follow Ford's instructions, they should ignore Ford and follow your guaranteed failure idea? Don't listen to Ford, listen to Multitask". Fantastic logic. Follow it yourself in the future and let us know how that works. Then, you now make the excuse (to cover your exposed butt), that you intentionally did something sneaky, editing information being discussed without posting so, in an effort to try and catch someone else pointing out that you did something sneaky... by editing previous posts pertinent to what was being discussed. Fantastic logic again. What an example of twisting yourself into a pretzel. When you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar as a kid, did you tell your parents you were only "taking" the cookies to keep them safe, so that your siblings didn't "steal" them? It is safe to say that type of Pretzel logic didn't work with them either. Finally, you insulted and belittled a new member of a Forum for absolutely no reason. And they called you out on it as the reason they would not participate in that Forum again. And to this date, they have never participated again. And you never apologized. In the same way you began this entire issue by insulting me for no reason. Then you go back and try to alter your insult, and when called out, claim it was part of a brilliant plan. Yes, you are a psychological mastermind. 不 Jeez...you made a mistake and posted incorrect information. Not the end of the world. But then just move on without resorting to insulting others to falsely defend that mistake. That would have avoided all of this. Again, this thread was begun to help and inform people about SYNC3 updates. Move your argument to your own new thread.
  16. Therefore, no matter how you try to "semantically" weasel out of this one, the installation can not be accomplished with the ignition simply turned on. I never said that. So if Fords information is so perfect, why do those people that follow the Exact Rules fail? I did the edit to see if you would try to copy paste and use it to 'belittle' me. Wait for it... here it comes.... WHATEVER!!! As far as the other user coming back, not an excuse, just pointing out that they did come back. PS - I very rarely see anyone come back and say that your advice was very useful... I don't normally look for it, so I could have missed it. PPS - I was just following your example
  17. Hi Multitask. While you have the dictionary out, look up the words "must" and "should". Because the engine must be running. Not "should" be running. Whether you like it or not, "should be running" infers that it is a choice. It is not. The engine "must 'be running during the entire install. Semantics sometimes matter. Therefore, no matter how you try to "semantically" weasel out of this one, the installation can not be accomplished with the ignition simply turned on. You were/are wrong, realistically and semantically. And once again, you fail to admit you were mistaken and gave bad advice , which will cause problems for others. Lincoln/Ford state the engine must be running during the entire install. It is not to keep the battery charged. The installation will fail if the engine is not on to begin, or turned off at any time before completion. "And I looked...he did come back after that, just didn't post"? Really, that is your defense? You insulted someone for absolutely no reason, he clearly states he would no longer participate in the forum because of your insults, and he now no longer posts or participates in the forum. Because of you. And that is your defense? So you give incorrect advice, insult others to the point they no longer participate in a forum, and then are clueless enough to try and accuse me of making fun of things and not being helpful? By the way, Mr. Semantics..."all you do is make fun of things" is not "PC". Also, if someone "...always assumes other people are idiots.", they are not "PC". You do not even know what "PC" means. Make up your mind as to which incorrect story you want to stick to. 不 You state: "...and I did explain that my humor is not for everyone... but I also am just a user here, and not a moderator, so I do not have to be as 'PC' as you. People like you, who feel they can be sarcastic comedians and Internet bullies simply because they are anonymous, are a dime a dozen. However...nice attempt at deflection. I started this thread to help others. You posted incorrect information and were politely corrected. If you want to keep this up, start your own thread, where you can post incorrect information and insult me to your little hearts desire. And "learn to know what you don't know". PS - By the way, just noticed you went back and changed your previous, needlessly insulting post (Friday 10:21PM) from "You always assume people are idiots." to "You most of the time assume people are idiots.嚜選遛 That would be your needlessly insulting post which started all of this. And you changed it without announcing that you did (as opposed to how I clearly announced my edit). So using your inimitably flawed logic, perhaps we should assume you "must be afraid" and are trying to "hide" something. Important to point out that sneaky change, since it was your incorrect information combined with that unnecessary insult which started this.
  18. Hmm... So where did I clearly say to 'not run the engine' ? "by telling them it can be done without the engine running the entire time" never said that. I see 'The engine should be on during it, so that the battery is kept charged" is what I posted. I even specified the why. (here in italics) Here is dictionary.com 's information on 'should' simple past tense of shall. (used to express condition):Were he to arrive, I should be pleased. must; ought (used to indicate duty, propriety, or expediency):You should not do that. would (used to make a statement less direct or blunt):I should think you would apologize. You are not being very 'helpful' when all you do is make fun of things.... And yes, my statement to that person was not taken very well, and his comment was not needed either.... and I did explain that my humor is not for everyone... but I also am just a user here, and not a moderator, so I do not have to be as 'PC' as you. And I looked... he did come back after, just didn't post.
  19. Hi Multitask. 不 Hmmm...Seems reading is not fundamental for everyone. This entire discussion began because you told people incorrect information about how to install SYNC3 related updates, by telling them it can be done without the engine running the entire time. And after having that information very politely corrected, decided to "double down" on that incorrect information instead of simply moving on. Repeatedly. Would you now like to admit you were wrong before it causes others problems? It is always easy for someone to create a mess with incorrect information. But it is harder for others to clean it up. How about you be "honest", admit you were wrong, stop hiding behind "", and clean up your mess? Then to top it off, you decided to deflect attention by making a personal attack on me, stating that I "always assume people are idiots". It is all in the posts above for others to read. Not sure about you, but I am here solely to help people. So, this is what I clearly stated in my last post... I'll underline it this time, for clarity: "And since you were correct in your constructive criticism about you being a member on this particular forum longer, I will go back and edit/correct fact #1 to ensure accuracy." Clear and to the point. A clear admittance of an error be me. And a statement that I would edit it for clarity. So no fear, no hiding. That would be as opposed to you still insisting the car does not have to be running for SYNC3 system and NAV Maps updates. Where is your correction (or admitting you were "wrong"), for telling people something that will lead to failed installations and wasted time for others? I admit when I make an error. You refuse to admit yours. So much for your theory. Also, you seem to be losing the dry and sarcastic sense of humor you are so proud. Or do you only like to dish it out to others, like when you chased away a new member on one of the other forums. A member looking for help, who asked a simple question. You remember, don't you? The new member who, if I recall correctly, called you an "ass" before leaving. I even tried to defend your "dry, sarcastic sense of humor" on that other forum. I won't bother anymore. "Honest" and wrong are two different things. You were wrong. Learn to "know what you don't know" and simply move on. Oh...and "PC"? 不
  20. Oh, afraid to admit your were wrong by leaving it? Hmmm... I didn't agree... thus my 'But anyways... semantics' comment.... but then you always look for the PC way of doing things... Im just honest.
  21. Hi Multitask. 不 It is good to see we agree on the other 4 points. And as an added bonus, you did some basic research and were more precise this time. Progress! And since you were correct in your constructive criticism about you being a member on this particular forum longer, I will go back and edit/correct fact #1 to ensure accuracy. And remember...keep on smiling! Good luck.
  22. Hmm... yours Joined:04/13/2018 mine Joined:04/12/2016 I've been on the forums much longer than that.... maybe not this one or some or all the ones you have been on , again you assume.... But anyways... semantics
  23. Hi Multitask. Well, several things. First, I do not assume people are idiots, I've just been around the forums helping other members, and have seen the innocent mistakes people make. So I try to help them avoid those mistakes. And I try to do it without too many wisecracks. Second, since we are giving fun critiques...you have a habit of being imprecise with what you write, then getting snippy and waffling a bit when it is politely but necessarily corrected. Kind of like you did above. Third, the instructions for SYNC3 and NAV maps updates always say to have the engine running for the entire install, not "Sometimes the instructions will say to just leave it at the on position". Just like "should be running" and "must be running" are two completely different things. So being more precise, your advice that SYNC3 and NAV map updates can be done without the engine running was incorrect, and will waste other peoples time with failed update attempts. Fourth, my previous reply was correct, and very polite. I even tried to be extra polite and give you the out by saying, "That is probably what you meant...", even though I did not think that was what you meant. Fifth, again, the engine must be running for the entire install. I await your "Whatever". And remember what you have told others, if you insert this "", it's just a dry sense of humor and everything is okay. Good luck.
  24. Multitask

    Update issues

    When you download the file form the official site 'Ford or Lincoln' it would be a .zip file, that would then unpack to 2 files and a folder with files in it. 1 of the 2 files is a zero size file and is only needed so that the system does not try to index the files, and the other is the list of the files in the SyncMyRide folder What it looks like you did is not an official file, and will not work (unless you understand the advanced nature of what that file is and does) Also, if it's for Sync 3, no it will not work. You have Sync 2 at best.
  25. Well, yes, if it's not running then the car is not running and the install will fail... or not even start to install Sometimes the instructions will say to just leave it at the on position, but then the battery would run down (or could) do it during the day so that you don't turn on your lights (so it does not drain your battery) You most of the time assume people are idiots.
  26. Hi Multitask. Just to avoid confusion for others, wanted to make one small addition to what you stated above: It is not that the engine "should" be running. The engine must be running the entire time. If it is not, or if the engine is turned off during the install, then the install will fail and will need to be started over from the beginning. That is probably what you meant, but just want to make it completely clear for others. Good luck.
  27. The 3.4 update is free.... the Maps to 1-19 may not be free.... depending or your year and model of Ford or Lincoln. And yes they are separate installs either way, wait till it say remove the USB device... either can take 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes to complete The engine should be on during it, so that the battery is kept charged.... if you are in a garage, take the vehicle outside because of possible fumes from the vehicle.
  28. Palladini

    Update issues

    And My USB Thumb Drive was formatted to Fat before putting the files on the drive. I was in that vehicle for close to 45 minutes trying to figure it out that thos instructions on that PDF file I include above are noy for a 2013 vehicle. I also think that maybe this upgrade (V3) is not for that vehicle
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